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GP Triage Service

May 14 2019
We have a new GP triage service. If you are unwell, and ring in the morning needing a same day appointment the receptionist will take a message and a GP will call you back within an hour to discuss your condition. They may be able to resolve your problem over the phone, either with advice or a prescription if appropriate. This could save you the necessity of coming in – please note if resolved there will be a charge for this service. Alternatively the GP may recommend you still need to come in, and they will make an appointment for you.

Flu vaccines - 2019

Apr 01 2019
2019 flu vaccines are now available. Our nurses are running flu vaccine clinics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and we ask you to book in during these times where possible.

The vaccine is fully funded for all people over the age of 65. It is also fully funded for people with respiratory disease (COPD and asthma requiring preventative treatment), for people with heart disease, and some other long term medical conditions. All pregnant women are funded to have the vaccine. Other people are encouraged to consider paying to have the vaccine to reduce their risk of influenza and its potentially serious complications.

Change is good !

Feb 13 2019

You will find when you next ring the practice that we have a new phone system.  Please be patient while we try to make this work as smoothly as possible both for you and for us, but your feedback is always appreciated.  We encourage patients to register for ManageMyHealth and to use this service when requesting repeat prescriptions and making non acute appointments.


There are other exciting changes that will happening over the next few months and we will do our best to keep you informed of these. 



Practice Manager

Congratulations to our Nurses

May 14 2018
Both of the nurses at Brooklyn Medical Centre received awards at the recent Capital & Coast Health International Nurses Day event. Congratulations Anna and Rachel and thank you for the great work you do.

2018 Flu vaccines now available

Apr 25 2018
The 2018 influenza vaccines are available now. Please ring for a nurse appointment or book via Manage My Health. 

This year's vaccine covers 4 strains that affected Europe and North America in their winter . We recommend flu vaccine for everyone. It is fully funded for those over the age of 65 and also for anyone with ongoing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or respiratory conditions. Pregnant women  ( at any stage ) and children under 5 with respiratory trouble are also funded. If not funded the fee for this year at Brooklyn Medical is $32.

Health Care Online

Feb 26 2017
We are encouraging patients to sign up with the patient portal  - Manage My Health.  This can be done at reception.

This enables secure online access to make appointments , request repeat prescriptions for long term medications , view laboratory / test results, and a secure email interface for communication with health providers. This latter feature is particularly useful for communication of non urgent information with your doctor or nurse:  such as " I  received my date for surgery " or  we might let you know that " your blood test should be repeated in 6 weeks ".

Staff news

Feb 26 2017
Most staff had an opportunity for some holidays over the summer.  During the year there are times that people are away for holiday, family reasons, or continuing education and the staff all work to ensure good continuity of care for patients.

Dr Lynn McBain is back from her sabbatical in Canada where she visited several medical schools and practices. She says it was very interesting to learn about the similarities and differences between the medical systems. Although visits to family doctors are fully funded, medications are not ( and are quite costly ), and waiting times for hospital care are approximately twice the length as we experience in Wellington.

Shared Care Record is live

Jul 29 2016

From 7 April 2014, a summary of your health records will be immediately available to hospital clinicians and afterhours GPs, as the electronic Shared Care Record is launched in Wellington, Porirua and the Kapiti Coast.

The Shared Care Record lets authorised health care providers, such as after hours GPs and hospital doctors, access a summary of information from your GP.

Information like your test results, medical conditions, allergies and prescribed medications will be shared. The information will be available at any time, even if our medical practice is closed.

The information is stored securely in New Zealand and all access to the information is recorded and routinely audited.

You can choose to withhold some or all of your information. However, if you choose to withhold your information, health professionals involved in your care, for example in an emergency or after hours situation, may not immediately have information available and this could delay appropriate treatment and mean additional tests are needed.

If you don’t wish other health providers to have access to your Shared Care Record, you can opt-out by calling us on 0800 727 664, telling your GP, or sending a letter to the freepost address below:

Freepost Authority Shared Care Record
Compass Health
PO Box 27380
Marion Square
Wellington 6141 (No stamp required)

For more information on the Shared Care Record Project, click here.

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